Instructions for the participants

Ministry of Health guidelines:

Foreigners will only be allowed entering Israel in case they meet the requirements for getting an Israeli green pass
- Did not stay in a red country for 14 days before entering Israel
- Recovered or vaccinated with a vaccine approved by the WHO (Modern ,Pfizer, Johnson & Johnson - Janssen, AstraZeneca, Covishield, Sinopharm, Sinovac, and 14 days have passed since the vaccine, but no more than 180 days after leaving Israel.
- Sputnik vaccine: Can enter from 15/11, according to serological test
The process of entering Israel
1. A PCR test should be performed up to 72 hours before the flight to Israel.
2. An entry declaration form for Israel must be completed, please enter to the following link
- Holders of a verifiable digital certificate - will scan or upload their vaccination or recovery certificate to the entry declaration form and will receive a green card before boarding the plane.
- Those who do not have a verifiable digital certificate - will declare the vaccines that they have received in the entry Israel form, and will also fill out an overseas vaccination report form and attach the relevant documents, once completed a green pass will be received before boarding the plane.
3. Upon boarding the plane, the following documents must be presented:
- Documentation of a negative test result PCR completed up to 72 hours before the flight to Israel.
- Confirmation of filling out an entry form into Israel.
- One of the following documents: a vaccination certificate attesting to the performance of vaccinations in accordance with the procedure required in Israel, or a digital recovery certificate, or an exceptional entry permit from the Ministry of the Interior (outline of exceptions, groups).
5. A PCR test should be completed after landing at Ben Gurion Airport, the isolation will be required until a negative result is received or for 24 hours, whichever is earlier.

- Note: Serological examination is no longer necessary, except for Sputnik vaccines.

The updated guidelines appear on the following:
Ministry of Health website

Population and Immigration Authority the website 

Visa Guidelines:

Academic guests, technicians, and any other visitors can enter with a tourist visa.
Citizens from countries that Israel has agreements with (United States, European countries, Japan, etc.) are not required to apply for the visa at the consulate. The visa will be issued upon arrival in Israel at border control.

On the other hand, Citizens from certain countries that Israel has no agreements with (India, China, African countries, etc.) must obtain a tourist visa at the consulate before entering Israel.

In the following document you can find the list of the all countries (under National - Visa): CLICK HERE  (there is no English version yet)